About Us

Basically, we’re two guys in our late 20’s who have never built anything remotely close to an airplane, but have a crazy desire to.   We’ll be learning everything as we go along, so we figured we’d share it all with you so you can see exactly what it takes to build an airplane and fulfill a dream.

Here’s a little more about each of us…

Brady Lane
Age: 28 years old
Day job: Multimedia Journalist, EAA
Family: Happily married for 6 years, 2 year old daughter and another on the way
Prior to this project: spent too much time surfing the web and watching TV
Background: Earned sport pilot certificate one year ago, currently working on tailwheel endorsement; no building experience of any kind.

Caleb Ihrig
Age: 26 years old
Day job: Mechanical Engineer, Kimberly-Clark
Family: Happily married for 4 years, no kids, 2 pugs.
Prior to this project: was a full-time student, but recently graduated. Usually have 3-4 small projects going at any one time.
Background: Has flown in a small airplane only a couple times. Enjoys restoring old vehicles and doing home improvements.

For even more, read this post…


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